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Dinner@Bill’s, again!!!


Zuppa de Pesce  

A heady house made seafood broth thick with potatoes and roasted peppers and finished with croutons and grated parmesan cheese. 9

Smoked Trout & Pickles Shrimp Insalata

House cured smoked rainbow trout, Carolina pickled shrimp and watercress tossed with olive oil and served in Bibb lettuce cups.  12

Maine Diver Scallops au Gratin

3 large Day Boat scallops seared on the flattop, smothered with a rich mornay sauce in ramekin and finished under the broiler to glaze.  12

Gulf Coast Barbecue Shrimp Croustade

Wild caught shrimp sauteed in butter with garlic and rosemary, finished with Creole BBQ Butter and served on grilled sour dough Texas Toast. 12


Autumn Shrimp and Grits

Wild caught Texas shrimp pan roasted with local butternut squash, roasted red peppers and bacon, finished with a butter sauce and served atop organic grits. 26

Rack of Lamb Dijonnaise

Rack of lamb marinated with Dijon mustard and fresh thyme, rolled in breadcrumbs, roasted to MR and served with Cumberland sauce. 29

Alaskan Halibut Cheeks Pontchatraine

Fresh Alaskan Halibut cheeks blackened with our creole spice blend, served atop organic grits and smothered with a domestic crawfish etouffe sauce.  28

 New Zealand John Dory Fish & Maine Diver Scallops

Fresh John Dory Fish baked with a sun choke crust, pan roasted until golden, topped with 3 seared scallops and served with mashed potatoes and a brandied mushroom sauce. 29  

Choice Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Espagnole

8 oz. Choice pan roasted in butter to MR, smothered with a rich Espagnole reduction sauce and served with mashed potatoes.  29

Joyce Farm’s Kentucky Chicken Saltimbocca

Free range chicken dredged in flour, pan fried with country ham and sage leaves, roasted with redeye gravy and served atop organic grits.  27