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Eat @ Bill’s


Bacon Wrapped Dates

Medjool dates, stuffed with Chevre, lemon, and walnut filling.  Wrapped in bacon and flash fried.  Set over a bright lemon cream sauce and garnished with fresh parsley. 11

Bill's Crab Cakes 

Jumbo lump crabmeat mixed onion, red pepper and cream cheese, seasoned with cape cod seasoning and bound with house made breadcrumbs.  Served with remoulade. 12

Vietnamese Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts halved and flash fried, tossed with a Vietnamese Nuoc Cham and sauteed onion and red pepper, and garnished with cilantro.   10

Snapper and Plantain Fritters

Pristine wild caught snapper, minced and mixed with red pepper, onion, and roasted plantains.  Bound with breadcrumbs and flash fried.  Garnished with fresh herbs.   10

 Calamari Sambal

Squid tubes dredged in seasoned flour, deep fried and tossed with Thai sweet chili sauce, cilantro, and green onions. 11

Wine Specials @ Bill’s

Caymus Suison Grand Durif, Suison Valley, CA, 91 pts WE

Coming from the Wagner family of wines, this Petite Sirah has notes of blueberries and earth tones and a luscious finish of vanilla born of a classic Caymus oak regimen.  64


Daou Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA, 92 pts WA

This Napa Cabernet wine has striking aromas of dark chocolate, blackberry jam, nutmeg and toasted oak while balancing acidity with smooth velvety tannins.   55 


Gerard Bertrand Grand Terroir Tauavel Languadoc, France

Ripe black fruits, chocolate licorice and smoked herbs give way to raspberry aromas while remaining balanced with soft tannins and a long finish.   32



 Eat @ Bill’s


 Scottish Salmon Dijonnaise

Fresh Scottish salmon pan seared in butter with a lemon wheel, served atop mashed potatoes and finished with a creamy Dijonnaise.  27

 Pistachio Crusted Seabass

Succulent Sea Bass, seared and given a pistachio and herb crust, placed in a pool of shallot and tarragon seafood soubise, with mashed potatoes and fresh herbs.  28

 Redfish with Crawfish Etouffee

Impeccable Texas Redfish blackened and served under a traditional Cajun crawfish etouffee, served atop Missimati rice, and finished with file powder and green onion.  28

Carolina Shrimp and Grits

 Texas wild caught shrimp sauteed with red onions, red pepper, and garlic, tossed with a spicy lemon butter and wine sauce and served over Wiesenberger grits.   25

Joyce Farm’s Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken

Superb Poulet Rouge Fermier chicken roasted whole with herbs, sliced from the bone and served over mashed potatoes with a mushroom tarragon cream sauce.   28

 Manchester Farm’s Quail Saltimbocca

Semi-boneless Manchester Farm’s quail, filled with cornbread and speck ham stuffing, set over Kentucky Wiesenberger grits and sauced with a silken corn veloute. 28

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin

Black Angus beef tenderloin pan roasted in leek compound butter to MR, set over mashed potatoes, and topped with a mélange of sauteed mushrooms. 29